The minor prophets get a bad reputation just because they are called minor.  Many people mistake that to mean that they weren’t as important as the major prophets but that simply isn’t the case.  The minor prophets just didn’t happen to write as much as the major prophets – Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel.

Even though the minor prophets are tucked away at the back of the Old Testament, they still have important messages for the people of Israel as well as Christians today.  Quite often when you are studying the Bible and hear about a prophecy concerning Jesus or the end times you’ll wonder where it came from.  Odds are good that they came from a minor prophet.

Just because the prophet didn’t write much doesn’t mean that we don’t have much to say about the prophet or his book.  For instance, we have over 7500 words on the two chapters of Haggai and over 20,000 words on Zechariah.

This site is a work in progress as we don’t have studies completed on all of the minor prophets yet.  For your benefit however, we are providing study materials for the books that we do have.  We hope to add more in the near future so keep checking back here.