The book of Haggai is an often overlooked, seldom studied book of the Old Testament.  Not only is it part of the “minor prophets” it is the second shortest book of the Old Testament, next to Obadiah.

Nevertheless, the book has much to teach us.  Set in the same time period of Zechariah, Haggai encouraged the Babylonian exiles who had returned home to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple.

The story holds modern day significance, not just as a history book but as a lesson about the consequences of disobedience and blessings of obedience.  Chapter 2 contains Messianic promises to remind the people that the temple was more than just a building but would one day be filled the the Lord’s glory.

This study was contributed by Paul George, author of the Zechariah Bible study and several sermons featured on this site as well.

Intro to Haggai

Haggai Chapter 1

Haggai Chapter 2

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