Outline of Hosea

Hosea is easily broken down into two parts.  In both parts we see an unfaithful party and a second loving and faithful party.  The first three chapters discuss Hosea’s personal life and it is meant to be symbolic of God’s love and faithfulness.

The final chapters of Hosea (4-14) speak directly as a warning of Israel’s coming punishment but also as a reminder of God’s love in spite of the kingdom’s unfaithfulness.  The outline for the second part of Hosea is a general one as, for instance, there is more punishment of Israel mentioned in the last section (Hosea 11-13).

Hosea 1-3 – The Unfaithful Wife and the Faithful Husband

  • Hosea 1 – The Children as Signs
  • Hosea 2 – The Unfaithful Wife
  • Hosea 3 – The Faithful Husband

Hosea 4-14 – The Unfaithful Nation and the Faithful God

  • Hosea 4:1-6:3 – Israel’s Unfaithfulness
  • Hosea 6:4-10:15 – Israel’s Punishment
  • Hosea 11-14 – God’s Faithful Love

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