The book of Zechariah is among the twelve “minor prophets” and is thus overlooked by many people.  It is perhaps the best known of the minor prophets aside from Jonah however.  It is quoted and alluded to in the New Testament numerous places because of several Messianic prophecies contained in it.

Zechariah is set in the same time period of Haggai.  The exiles have returned from Babylon and like Haggai, Zechariah exhorts them to rebuild the temple.

Perhaps the greater significance of the book is found in the numerous Messianic prophecies though.  Zechariah foretells:

  • Christ’s coming in lowliness (6:12)

  • his humanity (6:12, 13:7)

  • his rejection and betrayal for 30 pieces of silver (11:12-13)

  • his crucifixion (by the “sword” of the Lord) (13:7)

  • his priesthood (6:13)

  • his kingship (6:13, 9:9, 14:9,16)

  • his coming in glory (14:4)

  • his building of the Lord’s temple (6:12-13)

  • his reign (9:10)

  • his establishment of enduring peace and prosperity (3:10, 9:9-10)

(List taken from the NIV Study Bible chapter introduction notes.)

Aside from the Messianic predictions, Zechariah looks further into the future at the end times and prophesies what will take place in a yet future time.  So the book still holds prophetic significance to those awaiting the second coming of the Messiah as well.

This study was contributed by Paul George, author of the Haggai Bible study and several sermons featured on this site as well.

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